BullEx delivers unique, tailor-made solutions focused on the unique goals of your organization.  Our project-based approach involves a multiple phase process to ensure the quality of the end result. This process also provides ample flexibility and allows for changes during the course of the project, thus improving the final result.

STEP 1: Defining goals and training requirements

Meet with us to prepare a list of your training goals and requirements. It may be helpful for project managers, instructors, and end-users to take part in this discussion.

Items covered may include:

  • Learning goals
  • Possible training scenarios
  • Local needs assessment
  • Specific working conditions
  • Number of users who will use the training facility
  • Facility location
  • Operation of the end facility
  • Budget


STEP 2: Initial Proposal

Based on the initial discussions, BullEx will prepare a preliminary proposal. This proposal takes the end users’ goals into account as well as safety requirements and other variables related to location, target group and budget.  After the proposal is discussed, any necessary changes will be introduced.  In this phase, several proposals may be prepared and discussed in order to reach a mutually satisfactory final result.  Thus, each and every training project is truly unique and tailored to your specific situation.

STEP 3: Design and Engineering

The proposal is then converted into a set of detailed blueprints which precisely depict all parts of the installation. Our engineers have years of experience in this specialized work. The key areas of design include safety, realism, durability, ease of maintenance and ease of operation. At the same time, our software developers design for the control system of the training unit. Before being implemented, these designs are presented to you for approval. This ensures your ongoing involvement in the project and compliance with your specifications and requirements.

STEP 4: Building and installing the facility

After the design is finalized, out specialists begin building and testing the training unit. This can include the fires, control boxes, and software programs. After these components have been fully tested and approved, the final product is assembled. The completed facility is subjected to a thorough testing procedure and, if desired, can also be certified by a third party.

STEP 5: Delivery and instruction

In the final stage of the building process, a schedule for delivery and training is made. We organize “train the trainer” meetings for the instructors, conduct review sessions focused on maintenance, and develop a service contract with you. We place a great deal of importance on a careful and well-executed delivery program for you as the end-user.

STEP 6: Service and maintenance

After you start using your training system, BullEx will continue to provide support as needed.  In most cases, our technicians can troubleshoot your system by accessing the system software, thereby remotely diagnosing your situation. Service engineers will visit your site whenever necessary. BullEx has an international network of service engineers trained in all the disciplines necessary to properly maintain your installations. Our engineers can provide system fixes across a variety of gas, electrical, and mechanical issues, from the smallest components to the largest training units.