Vehicle Training Props

Create passenger compartment, engine, wheel-well and boot fires at the push of a button

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The BullEx Vehicle Fire Training Prop is a heavy-duty training tool with intense flames, real heat and smart controls. Ignite the propane-based flames and have full command of each evolution with the instructor’s controller. Create passenger compartment, engine, wheel-well and boot fires at the push of a button.

Multiple burn zones allow you to create engine, passenger compartment, fuel spill and tire fires. The intensity of the flames can be changed throughout the evolution and fires can be set to spread to multiple zones with the instructor’s controller.

The Vehicle Fire Training Prop features working doors, bonnet and a boot made of heavy gauge steel that is built tough to take evolution after evolution of live-fire training.



Add smoke to create visibility restriction and teach trainees to attack the fire from upwind and uphill. Heat shielded Smoke Generators can be integrated into the prop and are controlled with the instructor’s controller. Because BullEx props feature continuous operation Smoke Generators, you get smoke when you want it, every time.

Stainless Steel Construction
Choose either heat resistant, paint treated carbon steel or stainless steel prop construction.

Cooling System
The integrated cooling system keeps steel cool to prolong the life of the prop and allows for long duration, heavy fire exercises. Cooling system components are hidden to maintain the realistic look and feel of the props.

Sound Effects
Heat shielded components create fire and engine noise effects as well as the sound of tires popping and gas shocks exploding. Additional sound effects may be added based on your specific training objectives.

Fixed fires
Add fixed fires directly to the prop for specific fire locations and characteristics such as wheel-well fires and pressurized vapor fires (LPG vehicles).


The Vehicle Fire Training Prop is powered by the same force behind all of BullEx’s portable fire training props, the Pilot Module. The stainless steel Pilot Module acts as the brain of the system and connects to the Control Console, which allows the instructor to safely stop and start evolutions. The Pilot Module also houses the forced air pilot system, which guarantees reliable ignition, even under the most demanding circumstances.

Multiple fire props can be used with the Pilot Module allowing you to cost-effectively add additional props to your range of advanced fire training simulators. Additional props include a Helicopter, Large Volume Pressure Vessel, and Aircraft Wing Prop and any Custom Built Props your training requires.

Another component of the Advanced Fire Training Props is the Burn Tray. The Burn Tray, which allows for multiple burn zones and more intense flames, can be connected to the Pilot Module to expand training capabilities. Its water bath design ensures even fuel distribution and protects burners from intense heat. Use the Burn Tray to demonstrate a fuel spill, or add larger props such as the Pressure Vessel, Pipe and Valve Assembly (Christmas Tree) and Electric Motor Fire Training Props.

BullEx’s Vehicle Fire Training Prop, along with the entire line of fire training props, is made of the most robust and rugged materials and is designed to stand up the most rigorous training demands. Props are easily interchanged for versatile and diverse training opportunities. Additional props can be added to your collection at any time, allowing instructors to easily refresh their training capabilities.


We have found our Vehicle Fire Training Prop to be extremely useful and versatile in training our students as part of the California Certified Firefighter 1 program. Our fireground is also a resource for regional and volunteer fire departments. We have many new and veteran firefighters that come and use the vehicle to train, and they all rave about how excellent it is.

Prior to our purchase of the BullEx Vehicle Fire Training Prop, we would burn an old car. It was an unsatisfactory solution for many reasons. We were only able to get a good, realistic burn environment for one or two trainees before all the combustible material had burned. We would put additional material inside the car, but it didn’t take long before the car was unrecognizable and unable to be used. Not only was it not a good training solution, but it also created lots of environmentally harmful chemical run off and noxious black smoke.

Now that we have the Vehicle Fire Training Prop, we are able to create realistic burns for all our trainees without worrying about toxic chemicals or hurting the environment. We use the vehicle 3 to 4 times a month, and usage is increasing as fire departments talk about their favorable experience training with our vehicle and more interest is generated.

Another great aspect of the vehicle prop is how easy it is to store and move. We are in the process of building a garage to house the vehicle and to train students on how to put out fires that occur inside the garage.

Another very realistic element of the vehicle prop is the sound effects. It’s amazing how true-to-life they are.

Our experience working with BullEx has been outstanding. We like our vehicle so much and it has been so durable that we hope to add to our training products soon.