Smoke Generators

Heavy-Duty Smoke Machines Produce High Quality Smoke for Continuous Training

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BullEx Smoke Generators create the most realistic fire training scenarios by generating the thickest, densest smoke to recreate actual experiences a firefighter will face. Whether you are conducting search and rescue training, ventilation operations or initial fire attack drills, BullEx Smoke Generators don’t stop until your training is done.

BullEx Smoke Generators use smart controls to continuously produce the best smoke possible for firefighter training. Built on steel chassis with all metal structural components, these smoke generators are built to handle the toughest training demands. No matter how long or intense your session is, BullEx Smoke Generators don’t stop until your training is done.

Smoke Generator 4000
With built-in handles, steel chassis and rubberized feet, the Smoke Generator 4000 is portable enough to be easily moved, but tough enough to handle the demands of firefighter training. Smart controls and an integrated smoke liquid tank enable the SG4000 to produce smoke continuously for hours.

Smoke Generator 6000
The BullEx Smoke Generator 6000 is a heavy-duty, high-volume Smoke Generator designed for the most demanding training scenarios. Dual heaters and a specialized heat exchanger ensure efficient smoke production on a large-scale. With integrated handles and built-in wheels the SG6000 can easily be repositioned in between evolutions.



Consistent and continuous smoke generation
Produces constant flow of high quality training smoke with no recharging or reheating necessary

Durable and rugged
Built on a steel chassis with all metal structural components

Easily moved to various areas of any facility where training is being conducted

Dense smoke
Our specially-formulated BullEx Smoke Liquid efficiently produces dense, thick smoke with extended hang time. Only one fluid type is necessary to produce quality smoke, so there is no need to change fluid to vary the density.

No smoke residue
Consistent temperatures keep the smoke from becoming “wet” and producing a residue

Wireless operation
Control the output and duration of smoke from any distance away from the evacuation area, or for use in an HVAC system with the optional wireless control



Ventilation Training
Continuous high-density smoke, equal in quantity to smoke produced by a structure fire, allows every member of your department hands-on practice with hydraulic, PPV, horizontal and vertical ventilation.

Search & Rescue Training
Create a variety of smoke settings from low to zero visibility to find victims during search and rescue or thermal imaging drills. Incorporate a BullEx SmartDummy rescue manikin into the evolution and create a realistic sense of urgency as the SmartDummy calls out for help.

Large Area Search Training
Saturate a training environment with high density smoke in the time it takes your firefighters to don their gear.

Mask Confidence Training
Train firefighters in zero visibility conditions to test their awareness and confidence of the PPE gear.

FAST/RIT Combat Training
Train firefighters to locate and retrieve downed firefighters in a realistic scenario involving smoke.


There are two major factors that affect training smoke quality: temperature and particle size. The uniform temperature inside the heating core ensures that the smoke fluid is vaporized into pure smoke. Temperatures that are too high result in burnt particles and temperatures that are too low result in a “wet” smoke that leaves a residue.

Particle size is what determines the density and “hang time” of smoke. The more uniform the particle size, the longer the training smoke will last before dissipating.




All smoke machines create smoke by pumping smoke liquid through heaters. As heat energy is transferred from the heaters to the smoke liquid, the heaters inevitably cool down. Once below a certain temperature smoke can no longer be generated, which is why smoke machines not designed for fire training need time to reheat and recharge between discharges. To extend operating time, these smoke machines often start at a higher-than optimal temperature, resulting in burnt particles. As smoke is generated, the heater temperature falls through the optimal range to below optimal resulting in “wet” smoke that leaves a residue. The smoke liquid is then cut off to give the heaters time to recover.


BullEx Smoke Generators are different. Instead of a constant flow of smoke liquid and a wide range of heater temperatures, BullEx Smoke Generators control the amount of liquid delivered to the heaters to precisely balance the heat transfer, ensuring a constant temperature and a constant supply of high quality smoke. This balance is achieved through advanced sensors and controls utilized by BullEx Smoke Generators. This technology not only provides a continuous supply of smoke, but also ensures the highest quality smoke possible with minimal burnt or un-vaporized particles.