VIDEO: Sundale Garden Village Talks Digital Extinguisher Training

Members of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee at the Sundale Garden Village, a retirement community in Nambour, Queensland, spoke to our Business Operations Manager, Ian Whitehead, about their experience using the BullsEye™ Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System.

The Sundale Garden Village gets a lot of use out of their system, and trained over 375 staff during the last fiscal year, according to Nicolle Whiteley, Quality Risk & Safety Support Officer. They have found the BullsEye to be extremely cost effective, not only in comparison to traditional extinguisher training methods, but also when one considers the preventative savings of having trained employees. Sundale also provides employees with training using BullEx® compressed air and water SmartExtinguisher® training extinguishers and the BullEx SmartDummy™ Rescue Manikin.

Watch the video below for more from Ms. Whiteley and her team.