BullEx Australia Introduces Advanced Fire Training Props

As the premier global manufacturer of fire safety training products for firefighters, safety professionals and training organisations, BullEx is proud to introduce our line of Advanced Fire Training Props.

In addition to a variety of fire training tools such as live and digital extinguisher training systems, rescue manikins, and smoke generators, BullEx manufactures a range of large scale interactive fire simulators for fire services, defence and emergency response teams that provide real training scenarios in a safer, environmentally-responsible manner.

The BullEx line of interactive live fire props consists of a Helicopter, Pressure Vessel, Vehicle and Hose Line Trainer.  Our latest introduction to the line is the Aircraft Wing Prop. Designed for realistic emergency aircraft fire and rescue response training at an airport or training facility, the Aircraft Fire Training Prop provides multiple scenarios to train ARFF responders the proper approach and attack techniques for any one of five specific fire emergency scenarios (engine, wheel, landing gear, wing, and fuel spill), or a progressive fire scenario involving multiple props.

Each fire has a variety of intensity settings ranging from incipient stage to fully involved high-intensity emergencies, setting up the training response for either a hoseline or a crash truck. With the Aircraft Wing Prop, responders can be trained on various response scenarios such as how to:

  • Assess the type of fire and determine the best approach;
  • Protect the wing that is filled with volatile explosive jet fuel;
  • Attack a tyre fire before it extends to the fuel line; and
  • Extinguish the source of an engine fire from various positions.

Other live fire props include an industrial waste bin, commercial stove, electrical motor and LPG bottles.

Click here for more information and to watch videos of BullEx’s full line of advanced fire training props in action.